What is Lokma / λουκουμάδες?

by askin

What  are those magical balls?

Lokma / Loukoumades is the name of fried sweet dough balls in Turkish and Greek cuisines but actually exist in almost all cultures. It is a dessert with many cultural attributions and remnant of a world gastronomic heritage. Flour and yeast make a dough ball together and fries in a pool of oil. It then traditionally baths in syrup or honey. One can trace it in ancient Greek texts or middle age Arabic texts. One Thousand and One Nights mentions these magical balls too. It is freshly served and freshly eaten doughnut. It is hard to resist its smell where it is made. LOL – Lokma of London brings these magical balls from the streets of Istanbul and Athens to London. In London Lokma meets with chocolate, double cream and peanut butter. And continues its story from here on.