LOL! – Lokma of London

by askin

A Tale Of Three Cities And Three People

It is a story of two women and a historian. A historian who has lived in Istanbul and Athens for many years and interested in social and cultural history of people, was amazed with intercultural mingles and love to trace these intercultural borrowings through food, particularly in Balkans. The historian was interested in the ways people fry dough balls Lokma or Loukoumades and its historical background. And there are two women who like cooking, eating and celebrating with good reasons. They come from Canakkale / Dardanelles, a town very crucial for Greek, Turkish and British history because of the wars and common history these nations shared in different centuries from Troy to Gallipoli. They have lived different stories in different places and now all meet each other in London. One of them was the voice of the civil society in her town and the other became an activist and finally the co-president of a political party in Turkey. A historian and two women now made it to London and believe that all our sweet memories accompanied by the sweet smell of fried dough bite. As they learned later, for celebrating or forgetting about their pain, people all over the world eat fried balls of sweetened yeast dough. There is no need to tell you the story of Chocolate. We all added chocolate to our traditional lokma as the zeitgeist of our contemporary age. It is well known. Who doesn’t love chocolate actually? All of these remind us of eating on the streets of London. We combine the enormous flavour from different backgrounds in a modern, postmodern, post truth bowl.  That’s why, we’re here; to offer London’s new street food trend to you; regardless of your reason to eat it. Depend on you; to celebrate the life, to forget your pain and reward yourself. It is all up to you why you will come across with the tale of three cities and three people and their magical dough balls.